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With every purchase you make, we provide you with complimentary access to the brand’s online audience for 15 days to run your marketing campaigns. Gain access to 6 different audience types including website visitors, instagram followers, facebook likes, look-alikes of facebook likes, look-alike of instagram followers and look-alike of website visitors.

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Promote your product/service to the extensive audience garnered by the brand of your choice without needing to promote them on your channels.

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With access to a pre-combined list of potential buyers, you can save time, money and resources while increasing your marketing ROAS.

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You aren’t mandated to form alliances or cross-promote with other brands. You have the choice in your hands. Pick any brand’s platform you want to promote your services on without having to promote them back.

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"Our return on ad spend in the last 30 days has been 2125% yes you read that right, 2125%. Our average ad cost per purchase is $5 with an average order value of $115, so its is well worth it for us. That was with a $10 a day budget. We just upped it to $50 a day so we shall see what it does."

-Yuti Edward, co-founder of UddStudio


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Frequently Asked Question

What exactly does Bindbrands do?

Bindbrands collaborates with influencers to promote various brands, by sharing their audience with the brands. Influencers don't need to create content or deliverables; they simply share their Instagram followers with the brands.

How does the process work?

  1. Influencers share their Instagram followers with the brand on receiving a collaboration request from the brand.
  2. The brand launches campaigns and runs ads on the influencer's followers' Facebook pages.
  3. Influencers receive monetary benefits for sharing their audience.

Do I need to create content or deliverables for the brand?

No, influencers do not need to create any content or deliverables. The process only requires sharing your Instagram followers with the brand.

How will I be compensated?

Influencers receive $100 for every 15 days they share their audience with the brand. If you choose to continue after 15 days, you can share your followers again and receive the same amount. Payment is made for each brand you collaborate with and for every 15-day period. For instance you collaborate with 5 brands then you would receive $100*5= $500 for 15 days.

Is it safe to share my followers with the brand?

Yes, it is safe. The brand only gets to see an encrypted file of your followers. They cannot fetch any personal details. The process is ethical and approved by Meta.

How can I be sure that my followers' data is secure?

The data shared with the brand is encrypted, ensuring that the brand cannot access any personal information about your followers. Meta approves this process, guaranteeing its security and ethical standards.

What happens if I don't want to continue after 15 days?

After every 15 days the brand will send you a request again for collaboration. If you don't want to continue you can decline the request. There are no obligations to continue beyond the initial period.

Can I collaborate with multiple brands simultaneously?

Yes, you can collaborate with multiple brands simultaneously. Each brand you collaborate with will pay you for every 15-day period you share your followers.

How do I get started?

If you're interested in getting onbarded on BindBrands, you can schedule a meeting with us to discuss further details. Click on the following link

Is there any registration fee and how soon can we get started?

We are currently in the beta phase and there is zero registration fee for the influencers who are getting registered with us right now.

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