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We are an elite squad of IIT Alumni, Microsoft Associates, E-commerce Rockstars and Conversion Specialists!
We are Masters of the Marketing Metaverse, Architects of Unforgettable Brands, and Sorcerers of Web Wonders!


Case Study #1

Udd is an Indian ethnic wear brand that breathes life into the rich tapestry of Indian Folk Art. Inspired by nature and the ever-changing cultural landscape of rural India, Yuti Edwards started Udd as a brand for the free-spirited woman, who lives life with zeal. Udd weaves captivating designs from the threads of Kalamkari, Rabari, Mughal, and more.

Case Study #2

Theme My Party is an e-commerce brand specializing in decoration supplies for a wide range of events, from birthdays to weddings. Theme My Party's brand identity is centered around the idea of making parties more fun and memorable. The company offers a wide range of high-quality party supplies and decorations, at competitive prices.

Case Study #3

PowerSutra is a reputable brand that specializes in providing high-quality formal wear for women. Their product line includes a wide range of clothing items, such as dresses, pantsuits, and skirts, all offered at affordable prices. With a commitment to quality and style, PowerSutra has gained recognition for its exceptional clothing.

Case Study #4

Harry's, founded in 2011, revolutionized men's grooming by offering high-quality, affordable alternatives to overpriced products. Gaining rapid popularity for its mission, Harry's is celebrated for its straightforward, effective grooming range. Its commitment to accessibility and quality makes it a leading brand in men's grooming, simplifying routines with efficacy.

Case Study #5

Janasya is a leading Indian fashion brand that offers a wide range of ethnic wear for women and girls. The brand is known for its affordable prices, trendy designs, and high quality fabrics. Janasya's product range includes kurtas, sarees, lehengas, dresses, tops, tunics, and bottom wear. The brand also has a plus-size collection called XL Love.

Case Study #6

Phuljhadi, a distinctive jewelry brand, marries trendiness with affordability, offering stunning pieces handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans. Emphasizing elegance, love, and meticulous attention, it was founded by Prachi Khanduja with a vision of spreading joy through each creation. Phuljhadi stands as a testament to self-love and the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship.

Case Study #7

Label Reyya, a Bohemian Fashion brand, embraces the essence of free-spirited fashion, drawing inspiration from Bohemian culture and aesthetics. Founded by visionary designer Arjun Saraf and Anushree Saraf, Label Reyya is a canvas for artists and a celebration of bohemian style in both fashion and home decor.

Case Study #8

Enter the realm of RB Organics, a sanctuary for sustainable living, real beauty, and holistic wellness. At RB Organics, the commitment to the community's wellbeing is embodied in eco-luxurious products, meticulously crafted with pure organic ingredients and a profound love for the planet.

Case Study #9

Mini Klub is a renowned children's clothing brand, dedicated to providing a diverse range of clothing items for kids, including dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, and outerwear. Mini Klub has carved a niche for itself with its stylish and affordable designs, making it a go-to choice for parents who seek both quality and affordability.

Case Study #10

LEAF is a pioneering audio brand that is committed to redefining the way people experience movies and TV shows. They believe that watching isn't just about viewing; it's about becoming part of the story.Paras Batra co-founded Leaf with an ideology of creating products which have cutting edge technology inside but look extremely simple from outside; just like a Leaf.

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